Editing Services

I am now offering copy-editing, line editing, and critiquing services. Prices range from $2 per 1000 words (for a critique) to $9 per 1000 words (for a full-service edit)

Some of the things I can do for your finished story, novel, or other manuscript:

  • correct typos, misused words, grammatical errors, and awkward phrasing
  • suggest larger-scale changes to pacing, structure, and characterization
  • provide critiques on early drafts that make revision easier and more effective

I am comfortable editing in British and American English because—due to a miracle of science(!)—I was raised on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Although I’m primarily a fiction editor, I’m an academic librarian as well as a writer, and I also have a programming and computer background. I am happy to take a look at non-fiction or any other kind of writing. Got a technical document that needs eyes? A research paper with reviewer comments you can’t quite get a handle on? Let me know!

If you’re not sure your document would be a good fit, e-mail me and ask. I will let you know.


A. Merc Rustad

Merc's website

Tina Gower

Big Bad Becker, by Tina Gower

"I hired Stewart after the usual editor for my series became too booked up and I had an unscheduled novella I wanted to get out the door as quickly as possible. There are a handful of editors I trust, and Stewart is one of the best! He's kind with his suggestions and not only does he understand the voice I'm going for, he enhances it. The quality of his suggestions are top notch.

"Stewart has also edited a few of my short stories and I've had editors compliment me on how clean and error-free those manuscripts are--which is a rare compliment for me as someone who's never quite gotten a handle on spelling and grammar rules. Every good writer knows that editing is where the magic happens and Stewart has the talent to bring a manuscript to the next level."

Tina's website

Martin L. Shoemaker

I have recommended Stewart Baker's editing to my friends, and now I want to recommend his services to you. He has a deep understanding, both historical and current, of a wide range of genres, including both western and Asian traditions. He picks up on the techniques that I layer into my work, and he tells me when I’ve missed the mark or could hit it more closely. His is no stuffy, academic approach (though his academic credentials are impeccable). Rather, he has an eye for humor, lively action, complex introspection, and realistic world-building. Your manuscript is in good hands with Stewart.

Martin L. Shoemaker, Nebula-nominated author of "Today I am Paul."

Services Available

Payment for all orders is made via PayPal. Orders larger than $50 require a $50 down payment, with the balance due on completion of the order. There is a $20 minimum for all services, and all prices are in US Dollars.


The price for copy-editing is half a cent per word ($5 per thousand words).

Copy-editing focuses on grammatical, spelling, and other technical errors rather than big-picture concerns. If you’re purchasing a copy-edit, your manuscript should have already gone through several revisions and be almost ready for prime time.

A copy-edit includes

  • Grammar and spelling corrected
  • Punctuation and other errors corrected
  • Incorrect words or phrases corrected
  • Basic fact-checking (if relevant)

I will make any changes directly into your manuscript using the “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word, unless you request an alternate method.

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Line Edit

The price for line editing is 0.06 cents per word ($6 per thousand words).

A line edit focuses on big-picture concerns, ignoring grammatical and spelling issues. This is more about how your manuscript might be improved on a craft level, instead of a technical one.

A line edit includes attention to

  • Awkwardly-phrased sentences
  • Pacing and tension
  • Plot issues
  • Characterization
  • Confusing action, dialogue, or other scenes
  • Transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and scenes/chapters
  • Info-dumps and unnecessary sections
  • General trimming and tightening of your prose

In most cases, I will make any changes directly into your manuscript using the “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word, unless you request an alternate method. If I am genuinely not sure what a piece of your manuscript is trying to accomplish, I will flag it with a comment and suggest a few possibilities, instead.

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Full-service Edit

A thorough line edit and copy-edit, as well as developmental edits where necessary, for less per word than purchasing each separately.

For a full-service edit, I charge 0.9 cents per word ($9 per thousand words).

If you purchase this level but your manuscript ends up not needing many copy-edits, I will only charge the line edit price. (Likewise, if your manuscript ends up not needing line edits, I will only charge for copy-edits.)

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Unlike an edit, where I will make changes for you as an editor, in a critique I will approach your manuscript more like a very well-informed reader. I will point out any confusing passages, make suggestions to increase the tension or make your characters more multi-dimensional, and provide basic comments about technical issues like spelling and grammar.

I suggest using this service if you have an early draft that you are trying to revise, or if you’re just looking for very generalized feedback on your manuscript.

The price for a critique is 0.2 cents per word ($2 per thousand words)

Because of the low price point, and my $20 minimum, I am happy to split critiques across multiple manuscripts. (e.g. A critique on three 3,334-word manuscripts for $20.)

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